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Final Exams for every level
Entrance exams in eartraining and music theory

This online-platform of the University of Music Mannheim (Germany) offers open access ear training for musicians, students and guests. It's entirely free, all you need to do is a one time registration.

There are more than 1000 exercises available, many of them played on various instruments by music students. Each exercise has multiple use due to the possibility of adapting visual and auditiv settings to your personal skills. Statistic values allow realistic evaluation of your performance compared to the requirements of our university.
You'll find lots of comments on how to practice to improve, how to get the best out of each eartraining-session and - the most important: how to train your ears all by yourself. At the moment, all these explanations are written in german, but you can help us get them translated...

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Please write us: d.schiltknecht@gmail.com

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© Dres Schiltknecht, professor for music theory and eartraining at the
University of Music and Performing Arts Mannheim

Note: unfortunately, complete sources of used literature are not indicated and instrumentation of such examples may be adapted. However, this is of no importance for the sake of eartraining.